Submit a panel

Thank you for your interest in submitting a panel for Further Confusion 2024. This form will collect all the information we need to approve and start scheduling your panel. In the process you will create an account you can use to view the status of your panel later as well as submit and or co-host other panels during the convention.

Part 1: Your Account

An account on this system allows you to submit panels, create meetups and maybe more. Already have one? Log in.

This will be your username on this system. It can be anything you'd like as long as it's not the same as anyone else's.
This e-mail address will serve as our primary means of contacting you. It will not be shared outside of convention staff.
This is the name we should use if we need to contact you by e-mail or phone. It can be a fan name if you wish but it can avoid some possibly awkward situations if you provide your legal name instead. It will also not be shared outside of convention staff.
Providing a phone number will make it easier to contact you during the convention. We can even text you reminders about your event if you want that sort of thing.
Please enter a nice password. This will allow you to log in later and check the status of your panel.
Please enter that password again for verification just in case you mistyped it.
Part 2: Your Schedule

We understand that not everyone can attend the entire event or may have other obligations. Here is a rough breakdown of the times during which we schedule panels.

Please select all the times when you will be available.

Part 3: Your Panelist Profile

Every panel must have at least one panelist, that's you! If you will be presenting alongside others you'll have the opportunity to invite them to create their own accounts and join after the panel has been submitted. If you want to present another panel under a different name you will also have the option of creating a new panelist profile with your next submission.

This is the name that will be printed alongside your panel description in the convention schedule.
Please provide a brief biography describing you and your work in the fandom. This will be used in the online schedule.
Part 4: Your Panel
A title for your panel. Something short and descriptive. Try to keep it 5 words or less or else it gets hard to squeeze onto the grid in the pocket program.
This description will be printed in the pocket program and displayed in the online schedule. No more than 50 words please.
Optional notes about panel set-up or tear-down time requirements, requested panel ordering, or any other notes that cannot be expressed through the panelist availability checkboxes.
Please select the track that your panel fits into. If you aren't sure that's okay.
This is, in general, an all-ages event. However recognizing that most of our attendees are adults we allow badge-checked events for an 18 and over audience.
Most panel rooms are not large enough that you will require a microphone. If you are placed in a larger room then you will automatically get a microphone. Please only select this option if you are especially soft spoken or your presentation format otherwise requires an audio setup.
Select this option if you need to show a video or slideshow. Keep in mind that we do not have enough equipment to put a projector and screen in every room. If your panel will go fine without a projector please select "maybe." We will let you know what supplies are available during the scheduling process.
Whiteboards can be a wonderfully interactive way of giving a presentation. Again, we don't have an infinite supply so if you don't absolutely need one please select "maybe" and we will let you know what works out.